An Equal Divine for both Sexes

PaganGreen Paganism and Witchcraft

Although there are not book of instructions or any hard rules in Paganism or Witchcraft, it is considered that the divine is both Male and female . The general belief is that this is equal and in balance and that we should seek balance in ourselves and in our lives. This means that the belief is that there is a Goddess and God where as in other religions faiths or spiritual practices there is just a God. These Goddesses and Gods may be refereed to by many names according to your needs as an individual or indeed your personal preference. It may help to think of the divine as a mirror ball with each facet having a different identity although they are all part of the divine. As a result you may find that the Goddess is refereed to names such as Isis, Astarte or Hecate as well as the Gods being refereed to as Osiris, Herne or Pan and so on. Some witches will refer to the Lord or Lady or to the Goddesses and Gods. Others will call them the Old Ones or the Old Gods.

The Goddess is seen as having three aspects; Maiden Mother and Crone ( or the wise one). These aspects are reflected in the cycle of the moon and in our daily lives, for everything has its beginning , middle and closing phrase.

The God also has different aspects , but these are more clearly defines through the festivals of seasons and the wheel of the year.