Animal Magick

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Natural magick is the oldest form of magick in the world. It is portrayed of the walls on Paleolithic caves and talismans of the hunt found etched on mammoth tusk, the earliest dating from 32000 B,C,E.

From 35000 B,C,E, Cro Magnon man the first recognizable human society emerged . After this time until about ten thousand years ago, communities created hidden worlds in caves by drawing, painting and engraving animals and humans in animal masks dancing in rituals on walls.

These animal images were not just representations of what hunters saw.By drawing parallels with still existing hunter gather societies and their rituals we can understand the magical significance. Painting antelopes galloping across the cave walls , with some fallen and pierced with spears was believed to call real antelopes to the hunting ground and guide the huntsmen to where the animals would be.

The finest example may come from the caves of Lascaux near Montignak in the Dordogne in Frances. These caves were discovered by four boys in 1940 and date back to a Palaeolithic age. They contain more than 2000 pictures of horses, bison , deer and bulls. Because they follow the contour of the rocks, they appear three dimensional and full of life. Against the back drop, cave dwellers could not only invoke a successful hunt , but carry out rituals to increase animal and human fertility, the latter necessary for the survival of the tribe in hazardous times of incredible high mortality.