Bone, Gavin (1964– )

PaganGreen Paganism and Witchcraft

Wiccan and author and companion/partner
with Janet Farrar. In his work with
Janet and her late husband, Stewart Farrar, Gavin Bone
has advocated a “progressive” and more shamanic trance
Craft based on direct relationship with deities.
Bone was born in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England,
in 1964. He trained as a registered nurse and studied
complementary healing, such as herbal remedies and
Drawn to magic and the Craft, Bone joined an eclectic
ceremonial magic group whose members included Pagans.
In 1986 he was initiated into the Seax-Wicca Tradition
founded by Raymond Buckland and then was initiated
into a Celtic Wiccan coven. He studied shamanic techniques
and runes.
In 1989, Bone became a contact for the Pagan Federation
after attending the Pagan-Link Groby Festival. The
same year, he met the Ireland-based Farrars at a Pagan
festival in Leicester, England, and struck up a friendship
with them. They invited him to come with them on their
tour of the United States in 1992. They visited Salem,
Massachusetts, to attend a remembrance of the Salem
Witches hysteria.
In 1993, Bone moved to Ireland, where he entered a
polyamorous marriage with the Farrars and collaborated
in their work and writing. He served as webmaster and
production manager for their videography work.
Stewart suffered a stroke in 1995, and Bone provided
care for him.
After Stewart’s death in 2000, Bone and Janet Farrar
continued development of their ideas about the practice
of Wicca. They are priest and priestess to Freya as trance
goddess, who has a direct relationship with them in daily
life, not just in ceremony, as their muse and life guide.
They are eclectic, recognizing different pantheons of deities,
and different approaches to worship. According to
Bone, Wicca is inherently a shamanic path and is evolving
away from the duotheistic and even polytheistic traditions
of its early and more structured years.
Bone and Farrar do not label themselves with a tradition,
but follow Seith, the tradition of trance-prophecy in
the Northern Tradition. They are honorary members of
several traditions, among them Strega, Eclectic Eclectic
Eleusinian Kuven, The Elusinian Mysteries of the Aquarian
Tabernacle Church and The Order of Bill the Cat.
In 2003, Bone and the Farrars were jointly recognized
with the Gerald B. Gardner Lifetime Achievement
Bone collaborated with both Stewart and Janet on The
Pagan Path: The Wiccan Way of Life (1995), The Healing
Craft: Healing Practices for Witches, Pagans and the New
Age (1999) and The Complete Dictionary of European Gods
and Goddesses (2001). With Janet, he coauthored Progressive
Witchcraft: Spirituality, Training and the Mysteries in
Modern Wicca (2004)