Candle Colour Guide

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Red Courage, strength, survival, One hour power, lust, immediate action.

Pink Love, friendship, open the heart, One hour, calm the emotions.

Orange Action, attraction, selling, bring Two hours, about desired results.

Yellow Communication, selling oneself, Three hours persuasion, attraction.

Green Love, fertility, money, luck, health, Four hours, personal goals.

Blue Creativity, tranquillity, peace, Three hours, perception.

Indigo Wisdom, self-awareness, Two hours, psychic abilities.

Violet Power, ambition, tension, One hour, spiritual development.

Black Protection, return or release One hour, negativity, power.

Brown Stability, grounding, earth rites, Four hours, create indecision.

White Universal colour can be used for No set time any work. All general candle magick.

Gold Prosperity, attraction, wealth, One hour, increase.



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