Candle Love-Binding Spell

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Use this spell to bind the love of another to you, or to reinforce the qualities of love within an already existing relationship.

Items needed:

One red candle, one astrologically coloured candle to represent yourself (see chart), and one astrologically coloured candle to represent the one you desire, a picture of yourself and a picture of the one you desire a small jar with a metal lid, love-drawing oil , a small sharp knife, and matches.

On the night of the full moon, as close to midnight as possible, place all the items called for on your altar or on a small table. Place the photographs facing each other into the jar and screw the lid on very tightly. Then prepare the astrological candles. Use the knife to write the name of your desired one on his or her candle, and then write your name on your candle.

Next dress both candles with the love-drawing oil. Then cut two inches off the bottom of each candle, leaving the wick intact. Tie the wicks of the two candles together to make one candle, and as you do so say the following: I tie this knot, to bind the heart Of my desire [subject’s name] to me.

The next step is to attach the tied candles to the top of the jar. Light the red candle, drip a pool of wax on the lid of the jar to act as the adhesive, and then attach the tied candles to it.

Light the candle that represents you and say the following:

At this time, and from this hour
You feel my love, you feel my power.

Now light the candle that represents the one you desire and say the following:

Feel my passion, feel the fire
I am the one you desire.

When the candles have completely burned out, take the jar and bury it in the ground as close to your loved one’s house as possible. Before the next full moon you should be enjoying each other’s company.



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