Cord magick

Gather around let me tell you about this amazing old folk magical art that has pretty much been utilized by cultures around the world.
for those of you that are a little crafty this could be something for you to work with. It does not matter if you are not creative or crafty.

just like candles and colours hold vibration so does coloured cord or ribbon.
a candle a cord or a ribbon is just that.
when you weave your intent into a braid and focus you have now made a beautiful form of magic. like engraving and putting your intent into the candle.

you do not need to have elaborate designs. just simple. a braid. the best thing about this form of folk magic is that you can put protections or healing or growth or any desired intent into your ribbon or cord.
example a length of black ribbon i focus on it sealing my place from any unwanted trespassers. aka anyone not invited. see it like a barrier. tie it on the inside of the front door handle. and back door but on the inside into a simple bow. keep potential intruders out.

below is a list of colours and its natural energy correspondence. this is to help with focus. and tips. be creative.

Black:- sill, ward, protective shield, barrier. tie to front/back door.
white:- purity, peace, tie a bow on a window it keeps the air pure.
pink:- brings friendly energy at work place. tie a ribbon at your desk chair, done as a braid. or bow.
red:- brings passion and energy to you wear it around your wrist. a basic braid or in your hair.
blue:- brings calm, vibrancy, open communication to a space good in places where arrangements are made.
purple:- protects you and the space from psychic energy, any attachments, charges the atmosphere with magical vibrations.
green:- around your pot plants and indoor plants keeps them and the air abundant and healthy.
orange:- for a creative lift, the spark of ideas good in any place where creativity and harmony are needed.
yellow:- kind warm uplifting energy in the home helps lift and remove depressive energy tied around the coffee table legs in your home.

aside from these ideas which i have used.

you can make a braid and give it to a friend in need. they can be worn but note don’t wear them all the time.
they can be around the home, friends homes, offices.


Cascarilla Powder

Cascarilla is powdered egg shell. The shells are so finely ground that it feels as soft as baby powder. Any Botanica or store that caters to New Age and Magick ritual will have Cascarilla. You will most normally see it packed into what I call a “ketchup cup.” When removed from the cup, it maintains it’s form and can be used as one would use a soft piece of chalk. Or, if mixed with water, you will find that the soft-chalk dissolves easily. For most of the purposes, it is used as a piece of chalk, so the shells sold in stores are convenient.

Magical Uses: Cascarilla repels negative energy, and the vibration of negative energy. Cascarilla powder is such a potent cleansing and protecting agent that it can be used in any number of ways to guard from evil, malicious magic, and disease:

1. If someone leaves a trick on your doorstep or you find some suspicious item in your home from an enemy, dust your hands well with this powder before picking it up. This keeps the evil from transferring to you, and you can dispose of it safely.

2. Add some to your bath water or sprinkle in the wash bucket for scrubbing the floor to disperse negativity.

3. Use cascarilla powder to make symbols on the floor or altar during ritual or spellwork.

4. Add a bit of water and use it to paint symbols on your skin or use it dry to dust your body for all-over protection.

5. Purification baths.

6. As a piece of chalk to draw sigils and circles of protection for Magickal rituals.

7. Sprinkle a little into water that you plan on cleaning the floors with.