Planetary Correspondence, Saturn

Symbols Scythe, key, double axe
Deities Saturn, Kronos, Hera, Kali, Net
Archangel Cassiel
Day Saturday
Color Black
Number Three
Metal Lead
Stones Onyx, obsidian, jet, hematite, apache tear
Incense Patchouli, Myrrh
Plants Belladonna, hemlock, ladyslipper, yew
Trees Beech, yew, elm, ebony, cypress
Animals Goat, spider, goose, bat
Saturn is the planet of stability and restriction. Its energies test our balance and endurance. In some ways Saturn
symbolizes time, which, with its ravenous appetite for life,

devours all its creations. Saturn, like time, brings restlessness, the sense of duration lasting from the moment of
stimulus up to the peak of satisfaction. Saturn is slow, deliberate, disciplined success. Use Saturn to improve concentration, discipline a lazy mind, become better at work, and
motivate yourself.
Each one of the seven planets produces a different
energy field or vibration that can be used to enhance
magickal operations. By incorporating this energy into your
magickal works, you increase their effectiveness. For example,
a love-drawing ritual would have tremendous impact if it
were timed to coincide with the vibrations of Venus. Likewise, you would greatly reinforce a personal success spell by
doing it on a Sunday and taking advantage of solar energy.
In addition to timing, try to include some planetary symbolism in your magickal rite. Want to give that protection
spell a big boost? Plan to do your spell on a Saturday night.
Use three black candles and patchouli incense, and include
three pieces of jet in the work. If time permits, make a black
bag in the shape of bat to carry your protection symbols in.
The more refined your spells are, the better, and faster, they
will work.

Planetary Correspondence, Venus

Symbols Mirror, girdle, shell
Deity Venus, Aphrodite, Ishtar, Lakshmi, Bast
Archangel Anael
Day Friday
Colors Green, turquoise, luminescent greenish white

Number Seven
Metal Copper
Stone Emerald, jade, lapis lazuli, chrysocolla, coral
Incense Rose, lilac, violet
Plants Rose, iris, orchid, orris, passion flower,
Trees Apple, cherry, avocado, fig
Animals Lynx, cat, rabbit, dove, sparrow
Venus is the epitome of the feminine mystique, the queen
of love and beauty. Venus offers what others cannot, the quality of simple abundance. All of nature responds to Venus
and the pleasures she affords. Passion, peace, affection,
money, success, and friendships all come under the rule of
Venus. Use Venus to arouse the passions of a loved one,
create a peaceful environment, acquire money, become successful, and gain new friendships.

Planetary Correspondence, Jupiter

Symbols Thunderbolt, trident, crown
Deities Zeus, Athena, Jupiter, Minerva, Tinia,
Marduk, Maat
Archangel Sachiel
Day Thursday
Colors Purple, dark blue
Number Four
Metal Tin
Stones Amethyst, lepidolite, sugilite
Incense Pine, sandalwood, clove
Plants Borage, sage, betony, nutmeg
Tree Juniper, cedar, pine, sycamore
Animals Whale, swan, eagle
Jupiter corresponds to knowledge, understanding, good
judgment, and prosperity. It rules the concepts of expansion, opportunity, and good fortune. Jupiter is a joyful planet
that promotes abundance through realistic effort and hard
work. One thing that Jupiter helps people do is change their
attitudes from a negative to positive. Once the attitude
changes, so does everything else, because if you have a positive frame of mind you can accomplish just about anything.
Use Jupiter to attract wealth and great riches, build dignity,
acquire wisdom and make good judgments, improve moral
values, increase financial health, and expand knowledge and
understanding of religious and philosophical concepts.

Planetary Correspondence, Mars

Symbols Pentagram, lance, scourge
Deities Mars, Volcanus, Durga, Sekhmet
Archangel Samuel
Day Tuesday
Colors Red, burgundy
Number Five
Metal Iron
Stones Bloodstone, flint, onyx, garnet, ruby
Incense Dragonsblood, galangal, tobacco
Plants Bloodroot, ginger, snapdragon, nettle
Trees Rowan, ash, pepper tree
Animals Ram, wolf, scorpion, salamander
Mars is dynamic energy, enthusiasm, and resolution. It
rules personal expression, character, and bodily strength.
Mars represents action and it induces humans to take risks
and to rush into things before thinking. The key image of
Mars is force—pushing and shoving to fit with little regard for right or wrong. Under the rulership of this planet we
find a instinctive need to lead, to survive, and to clear the
path of all obstacles that stand in the way of personal
accomplishment. Mars energy should be used to build
strength of character, reinforce determination, confront enemies, and win battles.

Planetary Correspondence, The Moon

Symbols Crescent, cup, silver sickle
Deities Hecate, Selene, Diana, Thoth
Archangel Gabriel
Day Monday
Colors Silver, white,
Number Two
Metal Silver

Stones Moonstone, pearl, chalcedony, mother of
Incense Jasmine, lotus, ylang-ylang
Plants Lily, hyacinth, iris, narcissus
Trees Willow, hawthorn
Animals Crab, owl, vulture, horse
There are more myths and legends about the moon than
any other planetary body. The moon just seems to ignite the
imagination and quicken the mystical senses. Lighting the
night sky, the moon allows us to see past reality and into the
shadows of night. The moon is receptive, reflects the light of
the sun, and governs our physical and emotional responses.
Lunar magick works best when it is used to learn control
over emotions, create passion, assist with glamour-magick,
and increase intuition and psychic abilities.

Planetary Correspondence, The Sun

Symbols Hexagram, diadem, alchemical crucible
Deities Apollo, Sol, Dionysos, Helios, Bridget, Aine,
Archangel Michael
Day Sunday
Colors Gold, yellow
Numbers One or six
Metal Gold
Stones Diamond, amber, clear quartz, topaz
Incense Frankincense, sandalwood
Plant Bay, cinnamon, heliotrope, marigold, orange
Trees Oak, pine
Animals Lion, hawk, bull
The sun is authoritative, creative, courageous, and healing. With its life-giving warmth, the sun is at the center of
existence, and whatever exists at the center will activate what
is at the perimeter. It is primarily associated with will power,
activity, authority, and leadership. The sun should be used
to acquire self-esteem, attract fame and material success,
encourage physical strength and courage, aid physical healing, and assist with political ambition.


Millions of years old, from ancient Babylon to modern
times, the planets have always symbolized the essential forces
of the universe. Equated with the gods, endowed with
magickal attributes, and viewed as lights of influence, then
and now the planets affect all aspects of daily life.

The sun and the moon, which dominated the daylight
hours and night skies, were the first “planets” to be associated with the life-giving forces of the elements, seasons, and
man’s day-to-day struggle to survive. These two luminaries
were credited with the power to control the cyclic process
and deified as the source of life itself.
As mythology and storytelling evolved, so did the godlike qualities of the celestial bodies, and their ability to control human existence. Besides the sun and moon, the father
and mother of the universe, other planetary gods and goddesses began to emerge, each with his or her own individual
identity and domain of influence.
The sun, moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and
Saturn (the sun and moon are regarded as planets in this
sense) formed the original pantheon of heavenly powers
that ruled over the affairs of humans. Each planet was assigned an area of influence that controlled the human endeavors within that realm. For example, the Sun was equated
with the Greek god Apollo, and governed strength, selfexpression, and vitality, which were associated with leadership, royalty, and government.
Learning to use planetary energy makes magickal work
easier, since each planet relates to everyday life in some way.
Basically, just about everything we do or seek to achieve is
subordinate to a planetary force. Magickally, this means that
everything in creation responds to a specific planetary energy. Therefore, if you know which energy rules or governs a
certain object or event, then you can use the corresponding
planetary power to influence it. The more you know about
the planets and their corresponding attributes and symbols,
the more precise you can be in designing magickal rites.