The Healing Poppet

Fashion small sticks of applewood into a human frame
and cover with green cotton cloth to form the poppet. Fill
with the following coarsely ground herbs: angelica, eucalyptus, ginseng, life everlasting, peppermint, spearmint, and
wintergreen. Attach a photograph of the person to be healed
to the poppet.
Begin the spell during the waning moon. Place the
poppet on your altar next to a black candle. Using your
athame, inscribe the person’s name into the candle along
with their ailment. Light the candle. Hold the poppet in
front of the candle and chant the following seven times:
I take away hurt, I take away pain
From you body, this illness I drain.
Visualize the illness leaving the poppet (and therefore
the body of the sick person), and flowing into the black
candle. Let the candle burn out. Place the poppet in a safe
place and bury the candle far from your home.

Personal Success Poppet

This poppet will help you land a new job, get a promotion, or achieve that special goal. You will need to make a
doll out of a piece of your clothing. Coarsely grind equal
amounts of the following herbs: cinnamon, bay, marigold,
orange peel, rosemary, witch hazel. Fill the poppet with the
herb mixture and sew up the opening. Affix a full length
photograph of yourself to the front of the poppet. Tie a bright
yellow silk sash around the poppet. Be sure the poppet is
well-made and pleasing to look at. Place the poppet in the
center of your altar and consecrate it for personal success.
Items needed: One yellow or gold candle, success
incense, and a shadow box large enough to hold the
poppet and 60 small items.
Start this rite on a Sunday morning during the waxing
moon. Light the candle and incense. Pass the poppet
through the incense smoke and then the candle flame chanting six times:
With air and smoke, flame and fire
I now consecrate thee to my desire.
Hold the poppet close to your mouth. Speaking softly
and with great intent, breathe your desire into the poppet.
Repeat the process six times, each time passing the poppet
through the incense and the flame of the candle as you repeat the chant. Allow the candle to burn for one hour.
Each day for the next 59 days, light the candle and speak
of your desire. Then place an object that represents your
desire next to the poppet in the box.
For example, if you wanted a pay raise, place a picture of
your boss in the box next to the poppet. The next day, place
some of his or her handwriting in the box, then a copy of a
paycheck with your new salary on it, and so on.
At the end of the last day, allow the candle to burn out.
Arrange all the items in the box along with the poppet in a
manner that portrays your desire. Hang the shadow box on
the wall near your desk, altar, or bed.


A poppet is a doll fashioned from
cloth or clay to represent a person or
persons at whom a spell is directed.
The cloth doll is usually stuffed with
Spanish moss, to give it form, and
herbs that correspond with the primary intention of the spell. When clay is used, small amounts
of the primary herbs are crushed and then mixed in with
the soft clay. Photographs, hair, nail clippings, and clothing
belonging to the person are then added to the doll. The
intention is to make the doll resemble the person, so that
what is done to the doll will in turn actually happen to the
In most cases, poppets are used for love-drawing spells,
healing rites, and in some cases to protect an individual from
harm. The entire process is based on the first principle of
magick, the Law of Similarity (also referred to as homeopathic or imitative magick), which basically states that like
produces like, or that an effect may resemble its cause.
Simply put, whatever you do to the symbolic representation
of a person, place or thing will directly affect that same person, place, or thing.