Triple Circle Money Spell

For this spell you will need the following materials:

* A pen and paper
* Patchouli oil
* A green candle and holder
* Several coins
* Chamomile flowers
* Sea salt

Ground and center. On the paper, draw a symbol for money, such as a dollar sign, and the specific amount you are looking for. With the oil, anoint the four corners of the paper, along with the center. Place the paper on the center of your altar. Oil the candle, put it in the holder, and place it on the center of the paper. Surround it with a circle made from the coins, then encircle all of that with the chamomile flowers. Encircle this all with salt.

Light the candle, saying:

“Flame of candle, sign of money,
Herb of riches, salt of earth,
By these signs, these coins, I conjure.
In triple circle fortune shines.”

Let the candle burn down safely, then burn the paper. Take a bath with the salt and chamomile. Spend the coins. The money will come.

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Love Binding Spell

The intention of this spell is to bind two people together.

The first thing you need to do is make two poppets from red cloth.

Leave one end of each poppet open for stuffing.

Fill each poppet with equal amounts of the following.

Ground herbs: clove, orris root, blessed thistle, coriander, yarrow, and Solomon’s seal.

Insert into each poppet some hair, nail clippings, and handwriting from each person.

Sew up the openings.

If you have facial photographs, paste these on the front side of the dolls’ heads.

Dress each poppet in a piece of clothing belonging to the person the poppet is to represent.

The poppets are then ready to bind together using the following rite.