One of the significant differences between Wicca and traditional Witchcraft is the use of Cross Quarters. Four
more gates, which lead to realms that hold initiatory Lore and experiences. Some Traditions have these gates
guarded by deities, some by magickal creatures, such as dragons, or the traditional mythical beasties such as
dragon, unicorn, mermaid and Pegasus, or the lion, eagle, bull and human of St John. In Old Craft Traditions,
the Cross Quarters tend to be more primal, and more powerful than the more anthropomorphical Quarter points.
The Quarters tend to deal with the Lore of the Bright Gods, made in the image of humanity, while the Cross
Quarters deal with the Titanic forces from the dawn of existence. As such, they tend to be introduced to the
more advanced students who have a good grasp of the Quarter Lore.

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