Developing Psychic Abilities 1.4. Trust

The root word of “psychic” means “soul.” Thus, psychic abilities are really soul abilities. The “gifts of
spirit” you hear so much about are no different than psychic abilities. These gifts and talents differ only
in the label you apply to them, in how they are used, and what for. Because it is so easy for thoughts of
greed and selfishness to distort such gifts and talents, it is wise for all of us to remember this simple truth
– we are not the author of the greatness which exists within us. The power of our being, the gifts and
talents we possess, are merely on loan from The One Power, The Creator of All Things, the God within
who doeth the work. Give the credit where it belongs.
It has been said that “God can do no more for you than through you.” This is true. We supply the “elbow
grease,” the initial effort. The rest unfolds in ways both magical and miraculous. That initial effort is
based on our choice, our freedom to decide. As our free will is inviolate, so is everyone else’s. No one
has the right to interfere with or try to control the life of another. This is a universal law based on the
sacredness of individual choice.
The only person you can ever change is yourself. The only things you can ever really control are your
own thoughts, feelings, and actions.
Put your trust in the divinity of being and in your God-given right to improve yourself; strive to be all
that you can be.
You may want to investigate and learn various methods of how to meditate and pray affirmatively. Both
skills are invaluable assets for a successful and satisfying life.

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