Drawing Down the Moon

Drawing Down the Moon An important ritual in
some traditions of Wicca in which a coven’s high priestess
enters a trance and becomes the Goddess, who is
symbolized by the Moon. The transformation may be
accomplished with the help of the high priest, who
invokes, or draws down, the spirit of the Goddess into
the high priestess.

The origins of Drawing Down the Moon can be found
in classical times. Ancient Thessalian witches were believed
to control the moon, according to an old tract: “If
I command the moon, it will come down; and if I wish
to withhold the day, night will linger over my head; and
again, if I wish to embark on the sea, I need no ship, and if
I wish to fly through the air, I am free from my weight.”
In the modern rite, the high priestess may recite the
Charge of the Goddess, a poetic address written by Doreen
Valiente, high priestess in the Gardnerian tradition
, or she may deliver a spontaneous

Drawing Down the Moon is considered one of the
most beautiful of all rituals in Wicca. Depending upon
the high priestess’s trance state and the energy raised, the
words that come forth can be moving, poetic and inspiring.
Through Drawing Down the Moon, many women
connect with the power of the Goddess and therefore
with the power within themselves.

A similar rite for invoking the Horned God into the
high priest is called Drawing Down the Sun or Drawing
Down of the Horned God. Similar Pagan rituals are called
Calling Down the Moon.


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