Encountering the Lord and Lady

PaganGreen Paganism and Witchcraft

Start by using any relaxation technique you like, and sit with your eyes closed. Make sure
your arms and legs are not crossed, and take three deep breaths. With each breath, feel the
stress and tension of the day fading away, being replaced with a calm expectation. Continue
to breathe deeply, as your journey begins.
See before you a pair of pillars, with a midnight blue curtain suspended between them. You
part the curtains and see a grey mist beyond, but right in the centre of your vision is a silver
star, floating without support. You examine the star, noticing how clear and “present” it is,
but suddenly, without warning, the star disappears. You find yourself pulled into the space
where it was, passing through the pillars and into the mist. Everything goes grey as you feel
yourself lifted up, floating up and away, eventually drifting down, to find your feet landing
on a grassy hill, as the mist clears. You find yourself on a hilltop, looking down onto
woodland in the valley below, a narrow dirt path leads down the hillside to the edge of the
forest, and you begin to follow it, feeling a breeze in the air as you descend.
Entering the forest, the path continues along, winding between the trees, and you follow it
in the dappled green light that filters through the leaves. You hear the rustling of creatures
in the undergrowth, but do not see any of the animals as you follow the crooked path deeper
and deeper into the forest.
Ahead you notice that there is a fork in the path, and you pause, pondering which fork to
take. Suddenly you see a flash of white further along one of the paths, and this is the path
you choose, walking rapidly along, trying to see what the white flash was. Turning a bend
in the path, you see a white stag a short way ahead, looking back as if to check that you are
following, before it heads off down the path again. You follow, unable to catch up, but
avoiding being left behind, as the path continues to twist and turn between the trees.
Deep in the heart of the forest now, the canopy is thick and the dim green filtered sunlight
serves only to accentuate the shadows, so it is with some surprise that you turn a bend in the
path to find yourself breaking out into a clearing at the heart of the forest. In the centre of
the clearing is a fountain, encircled by rocks about the right side to sit on, and the tranquil
atmosphere along with the gentle tinkling of the water draws you to go and sit by the

Sitting in contemplation, you hear a sound like a church bell ringing in the distance, and
you look up in the direction it came from, to see a beautiful woman entering the clearing.
Naked and tanned, with long flowing hair, she is the most beautiful woman you have ever
seen, and you watch, captivated, as she walks across the clearing to come and sit by the
fountain across from you. Her eyes are filled with joy, and a smile forms on her face as she
regards you.
Then another sound breaks the silence — a hunting horn. Looking up in the direction this
new sound came from, you see another form enter the clearing. This time it is a handsome
man, muscular, tanned and equally as naked as the Lady who now sits with you. As he
walks towards you, there is a grin on his face and mischief in his eyes, but you hardly
notice because you cannot take your eyes off the magnificent antlers growing out of his
head. He too comes and sits beside the fountain, next to the Lady, and beckons you to speak
with them.

Once your conversation is at an end, thank the Lord and Lady, and ask them if you might
return again. Then say your farewells and turn to cross the clearing to the path that brought
you here. As you turn, you see that while you were talking, the animals from the forest have
come into the clearing, and are waiting patiently for the Lord and Lady.
With one last look over your shoulder at the pair, you re-enter the forest, and follow the
twisting path back to the fork, where you pick up the original trail that leads to the hilltop.
You quickly make your way to the edge of the forest, returning to the hilltop, where the
mist once more envelops you and you feel yourself lifted up and back, until your feet come
to rest once again at the two pillars. You walk back between the pillars, as the curtain closes
behind you. Contemplating your journey for a moment, you then turn your attention to your
physical surroundings as you open your eyes, and the journey is over.