Herb Sachets

PaganGreen Paganism and Witchcraft

Herbs to be carried or placed in the house (over doors, windows, etc.) should
be made into sachets. A sachet is a small bag or piece of cloth in which herbs
are contained. In voodoo magic this is often called a “charm bag” or “root
bag.” They are exceedingly easy to make.
Spells and Procedures
Take a small amount of material (square, round, or triangular shaped) of
the appropriate color. Felt works well and is relatively inexpensive.
Place the enchanted herbs (usually no more than a tablespoon or so) on
the center of the material. Gather the ends together and tie with a piece of
cord or yarn of a matching color. As you knot the cord, firmly visualize your
need. (In actual fact, do this during the entire procedure). Make two more
knots and the sachet is finished. The smaller sachets are, the easier they are to
carry in the pocket. Household sachets may be made larger since they aren’t