Herbal Infusions

PaganGreen Paganism and Witchcraft

The infusion is the origin of the “potion” so identified with Witches. It is simply
a process of soaking herbs in hot water.
There are some refinements, however. Use no metal pots when boiling
water or during the steeping process, for they interfere with the herb’s powers.
Keep the liquid covered during infusion so that little steam is lost. Finally,
enchant all herbs prior to infusion.
Use one teaspoon of dried herb to every cup of water. Heat water until just
boiling. Pour over the herb and cover. Let steep nine to thirteen minutes.
Strain and cool before using.
Infusions are drunk as teas, of course, but they are also added to baths,
rubbed onto furniture and floors, and used to anoint the body. Needless to
say, never make an infusion of a poisonous plant.