Hermitage Castle

PaganGreen Paganism and Witchcraft

 Ruined castle near Newcastleton in
Roxburgshire, Scotland, reputed to be haunted because
of malign black magic and witchcraft practiced by Lord
Soulis, its owner and occupant in the 13th century.
Soulis is alleged to have practiced black magic. He
kidnapped young farm children, imprisoned them in the
castle’s dungeon and sacrificed them in dark rites. He
had a familiar Redcap Sly (see Redcap), who appeared in
the form of a horrible old man with vampire-like fangs.
Redcap Sly told his master that he could be bound only
by a three-stranded rope of sand. Soulis magically made
Redcap impervious to weapons. The familiar became so
troublesome to him, however, that Soulis resorted to destroying
him by boiling him in oil in a brazen pot.

There are different versions of the lord’s demise,
which sound like variations on the fate of Redcap Sly. According
to one story, the enraged parents of the murdered
children stormed the castle and attacked Soulis. He was
bound in iron chains and a blanket of lead and boiled to
death. According to another story, he abducted the Laird
of Branxholm, a crime for which he was bound in a sheet
of lead and boiled to death.

Ghostly sounds of the young murder victims reportedly
are heard coming from within the castle.


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