We are experiencing some very intense Solar energy in the last few days which is making its influences heavily felt. This is resulting in increased anxiety, sleep issues, moodiness, concentration problems, headaches, stress and irritability. Here are some suggestions on what you can do in order to cope with the harsh Solar energy that can accompany the ongoing intensified energy:

✩ Get Creative: Painting, coloring, cooking, drawing, making music or just singing at the top of your lungs can be very helpful. Since attention can be scattered now, focus on things non work related and do something fun.

✩ Spend Time In Nature: Sit under a tree, go for a hike, stick your feet in a stream. Connecting to the energy of the Earth grounds us back down, calms us and keeps our energy from fizzling out of control.

✩ Read or Watch Movies: Giving your mind a chance to totally relax while you move into another world via a book or a film is a great way to unplug from the overwhelming energy.

✩ Listen to Music: Music is one of the most powerful ways of calming us and helping us erase stress. Find some songs or artists that are calming and that soothe you, not ones that are tied to heavy emotional baggage.

✩ Do Yoga or Go For A Walk: Yoga is an extremely powerful way to calm the mind, ease the body and return to a more grounded state. Going for a walk is much the same as it works to clear the mind and connect one back to the body in the calming atmosphere of nature.

✩ Stay Hydrated: Water helps us to flush out toxins, and when we are heavily stressed we may have the tendency to consume more toxins than we realize as a means of stress control. Water can help us to stay focused, be less “fuzzy feeling” and keep our bodies happy.

✩ Avoid Harsh Energies: Stay away from stressful people, negative situations and anything that is going to drag you downwards. If this cannot be avoided, limit it to as short a timeframe as you can.

✩ Focus on Self Care: This is a powerful time to go within and to take care of YOU. Have a bath, say some powerful affirmations, cuddle your dogs, go for some acupuncture, just be. This is a good time to fill your own cup because this energy is draining.

✩ Use Calming Essential Oils: Calming oils such as lavender, sandalwood, and rose can be used in a diffuser, diluted in a carrier oil and applied topically or you can just inhale them to facilitate some peace.

✩ Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps: Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps are very soothing and calming. They get rid of toxins in the air, act as a purifier and the beautiful pink glow is relaxing.

✩ Nutritious Food & Drink: When harsh energy hits, we can want to binge eat crap or turn to unhealthy ways of coping with the anxiety and stress. To better cope with the energy, nourish your body instead and fortify it against all that is going on.

I know things are really intense right now, but they will get better,

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