Magical Ways – Other Considerations

PaganGreen Paganism and Witchcraft

This is a convenient heading for a variety of short topics, as evidenced by the
diversity of material below. When possible, bathe before performing magic. A
sachet of purification herbs added to the water can be a great help, also.
Dress in clean, comfortable clothing, or nothing at all, as you wish. Some
practitioners wear robes and jewelry but this isn’t necessary.
It is also not necessary to abstain from sex, food, or liquids prior to magic.
Do so if you wish, but it simply isn’t a requirement.
Cunningham s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs
Most of the magic in this book is down-to-earth and deals with everyday
problems. However, for important spells, especially those that deal with other
human beings, perform a divination to make certain that the spell is necessary
before using magic. Information and techniques of divination are included
in my book Earth Power (Llewellyn) as well as Magical Herbalism.
As a rule of thumb, don’t cast spells for others unless you have their permission.
One way to avoid such problems is to make up sachets and similar
items for them (see directions in chapter 3) and give them as presents. Explain
their uses and powers and the other person involved can choose to bring
those vibrations into his or her life or not, according to their wishes.
Above all, have fun with herb magic. Although you should be serious when
actually enchanting herbs and visualizing, don’t view every aspect of herb
magic solemnly. It should be enjoyable.