Magick For Your Needs

PaganGreen Paganism and Witchcraft

‘Enough for my needs and a little more’ is another of the maxims of this incredibly moral craft, as I
mentioned earlier. You would be amazed the number of times I am asked: ‘Okay, if you are a witch,
how come you can’t predict the lottery numbers?’ The answer is that it all comes down to need: and do
I need a million pounds? True, like any mother of five children I lurch from one financial crisis to the
next and when things get really dire, perhaps I could magically bring forward an anticipated payment
or attract an unexpected windfall from abroad. But I don’t really need a million pounds. And what
about the negative effects? If I became incredibly rich, I would almost certainly lose the incentive to
write. Credit card bills are a powerful focus for creativity. And, of course, my kids would never get
out of their satin-sheeted beds.
Lotteries are generated by human hands primarily for the purpose of making money for their creators.
They really are random affairs and so it often happens that it is the wealthy people who win even
more money – although that does not necessarily bring happiness.
Casting your needs into the cosmos and trusting they will be met does work, but not if you are
expecting magick to compensate for an unnecessary shopping binge. Nor, after a period of overeating
and no exercise, can you expect a miracle diet to work so that you shed a stone in two days while still
eating chocolate. Spells tend to work best when there is a genuine need, generated by real emotion
and linked to determination on a practical level.