Magickal Intentions – Protection

PaganGreen Paganism and Witchcraft

From the overwhelming number of herbs used for this purpose it is obvious
that protection is (and has been) of the utmost concern for many people.
Most of the protective herbs mentioned in this book are general in their
effects; they guard their bearer against physical and psychic attacks; injury,
accidents, poison, snakebite, lightning strikes, wicked spirits, the evil eye, and
so on. In other words, they are protective in a general way.
Naturally, they won’t do you much good once something has happened—
protective herbs should be preventatives. This doesn’t mean that if you wear a
protective root or carry a sachet you’ll breeze through life unfettered with
annoyances. But carrying some of these herbs will certainly help screen out
potentially harmful situations.
In today’s world we should guard ourselves with every available means.
Protective herbs are one of these. They create a type of force-field around
your home, possessions, or self. When carried they also increase the effectiveness
of your body’s natural defenses.
An ounce of prevention, after all, is worth a pound of cure