Making Dipped Candles

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This recipe makes six 10 x 3/4 inch tapers.
You will need:
• 4 pounds of bees wax.
• Three 24-inch lengths of flat-braided 2/0 wick
• A drying rack. You can make a drying rack by
hammering pairs of nails into a board or by
suspending a dowel or slat between two chairs.
Place a 12-inch dipping can in the bottom of a double
boiler over medium heat. Heat the wax to 160° F.
To start dipping your candle pairs drape a wick over 3
fingers so the sides hang separately and evenly. Dip
the lower 10 1/2 inches of wick into the wax and hold
for 10 seconds. Remove the wick and hang it on a
drying rack to dry. This primes the wick and adds the
first layer to the candle. Dip the other two lengths of
wick the same as the first. Be sure to check the
temperature of the wax often to maintain a constant
temperature of 160° F. Start with the first pair again
and dip only the lower 10 inches of wick to create a
10 inch candle. Repeat again with the other two pairs
hanging the pairs on the drying rack each time.
The optimum drying time between dips depends on
your work room temperature. The cooler the room,
the shorter the drying time. For the best results dip
the candles while the previous layer is still tacky.
Continue dipping the candles until they measure 3/4
of and inch in diameter (about 30 dips) then dip once

To give the candle a smooth, clean finish, bring the
wax temperature up to 180° F. Dip each pair for 3
seconds. Allow the candles to cool for 4 minutes.
Hold the candle with a sheet of waxed paper to keep
from leaving imprints. Trim the base of the finished
candles with a sharp knife. Return the candles to the
drying rack and allow to cool for several hours or
over night. Trim the wicks to 1/4 inch and the candles
are ready to light.

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