No other symbol is more widely associated with Witchcraft than the pentacle, a round disk engraved with a pentagram (five-pointed star). The circle surrounding the
pentagram is the universal symbol of totality. The pentagram itself symbolizes the human microcosm. It also represents the five elements: Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Spirit.
Upright (as pictured), the pentacle depicts the spirit above
matter and is a symbol of the Goddess. Inverted, it corresponds to matter above spirit, the quest for temporal gain,
and the Horned God of materialism.
In the practice of magick, the pentacle represents the
practitioners’ ability to create or manifest desire. As the
embodiment of the element of Earth and the realm of materialism, the pentacle provides a place, like an artist’s canvas, on which abstract thought forms can be brought to life. From
a spiritual or esoteric viewpoint, the pentacle represents the
realm of birth, life, death, and renewal.
During a magickal operation, practitioners use the
symbol of the pentacle to help conceptualize their thoughts,
believing that what they see in their minds’ eyes they will
surely realize in physical form. The pentacle becomes the
point of focus where all the practitioner’s attention is
directed. If practitioners are totally focused and are able to
force their will toward a single purpose, they will achieve
results and make manifest their desires.
The true beauty and power of the pentacle lies in its
versatility. It provides the practitioner with a mode of
expression and a place to arrange his or her thought forms
until they can be forced into reality. For example, by placing
the logo or symbol of your coven or lodge on the pentacle
and charging the logo during ritual, you endow those affiliated with the group a portion of the energy raised. This is
especially helpful during fund-raising campaigns or when
trying to recruit new members