Psychic Shields and Stones for the Empath

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Being an empath can be really tough. It’s overwhelming and sometimes it all makes you just want to hide, but nowhere is safe. I’m sorry. It’s really hard to handle. I’ve been there. But! You can find control, and once you can, it’s much better. You can better focus the energy where you would like to use it, this way.
There are some things you can try that might help ease this, and the very first one doesn’t require anything special. You can make yourself a psychic shield, and set a purpose for it that meets your needs today. Some days need different things than others, you know? And your method of shielding may look totally different from mine. The intention part is what matters the absolute most. Everything else is flexible.
The way I do mine: I hold my hands palm to palm, like as in prayer or Namaste, and I hold them at my heart center/chakra. I close my eyes and envision a building of energy, in the form of light. With each slow, deep in-breath, I draw energy up from the earth, through the floor, and my body, collecting it in that heart center. With each out-breath, I kind-of pause that collection and simply draw more in with the next in-breath. When I feel I have enough built up, I send that ball of light into the space between my hands, and use them to put it up:
Keeping the palms together (as much as you can), until they are fully extended over your head, then split that energy ball and your hands apart, using the energy to draw a line or cast a circle. Your hands sweep out, around you, and you can close it wherever you like- sweep down to the feet to cover them too, or close hands where they meet at the bottom. But don’t let go just yet. This is where you set your intention for the shield: This barrier will allow only positivity to pass through, it will ward negativity, and outside emotions, and hold until I draw it down again. (etc- you say what feels right to you today). Then when that’s done you let go of the energy and let it do its job.
I pull the shield down by doing the opposite motions from how you put it up. Sweep up from feet as you breathe in, hands gather the energy light between them at the top, return to heart center, and breathe it in again.
If you need to, after this, if your hands feel tingly and over-energized, place them on the floor, and send the extra energy through your hands, down down down into the earth/floor, until you feel even again. If I cannot get on the floor where I am for whatever reason, I send it down through the soles of my feet. I think of this as “grounding”, but it’s not quite the same as the barefoot outside type. Anyway.
Beyond the shielding, get yourself some stones to carry/wear. They really help.
Hematite. It transforms negativity to positivity, and helps with letting go of the bad stuff. I wear a ring and carry 2 stones. If I wear the rings alone, the vibrations I carry/draw can shatter my rings. But the stones help spread out the effect so less is needed from the ring alone, I guess. Anyway! If you have to choose, get a stone over a ring, it will last longer.
Selenite is another really good stone. It helps with cleansing and protecting. I wear a piece every day. It really helps.
Amethyst is helpful for protection against psychic stuff, and amplifies those powers so you have more control over them. I wear this next to my crackle quartz (a power stone that amplifies whatever it is put with).
Tiger’s eye added into this mix adds an element of protection as well as good luck.
And the final stone I have on me daily is garnet. It’s a chakra balancer and helps with keeping things even and clear for me. It’s always happily humming when I take it out of my pocket to put it on my stone charging station tray with the big selenite crystal for the night.