Raising the Flame

Raising the Flame is an interesting exercise, because it both embodies some key pieces of Lore that are common
to many Traditions, and is a great example of Lore being directly “enfleshed” by a Tradition. Whether it is
ancient Forge Fire or a simple candle flame, the idea of filling yourself with fire-energy is common to most
traditions, but the Path of the Blacksmith can often be found hidden within the wider path of a particular Craft
Tradition and it often manifests within that tradition as the Lore of Forge Fire.
Most cultures have a Blacksmith God, and the stories of Hephaestus, Vulcan and Weyland are well known, but
less well-known is the Celtic equivalent, Goibhniu, who forged weapons and armour. But for the Welsh Crafter
there is an even less well-known deity of the forge, and that is Fraidd (also spelt Ffraid), a Welsh aspect of
Bridhe or Bridget — she is said to have sailed to Wales from Ireland on a sod of earth, which became a mound
in the sea between Anglesey and Holy Isle.
There is a distinct connection between the forge-fire and the hearth-fire, or heart-fire, and this exercise makes
good use of that.

Raise the Compass, and place a candle in the East. You may embellish with a skull,
hammer and tongs, etc, but the candle flame is the most important thing.
Sitting down, enter a deep state, and visualize yourself expanding and contracting with each
breath, like the bellows of a blacksmith.
Take three deep breaths while blocking off the left nostril, and expand the visualization so
that you are inside a giant bellows: when you breathe out it is the expanding of the bellows
that is sucking the air out of you, and when you inhale, it is the contracting of the bellows
that is pushing the air into you.
Let the bellows-wind that is being blown into you fan the smouldering flame within you,
making it brighter as it dances up your spine. Keep this up as the fire expands within your
body. Feel the sexual heat of arousal – a side-effect of the fanning of the flame.
You will get to a point where you feel very warm and empowered, but don’t stop there.
With intent and focus, take a deep slow breath and use it to push the flame down deep into
the earth beneath you, down to the forge of the Old One at the heart of the Earth. When you
exhale, draw that fire back up into your body, rising up your spine through your loins, belly
and heart to your head. Let it really infuse your spine and head.
This fire that returns is not just the Fire you sent down. It contains the Fiery Blood of the
Land, of the Underworld, the Transforming Fire of the Forge God Himself. Let your arms
raise as the Fire rises, then exhaling again, let the Flame return partially to the ground, to
complete the circuit, and bind you to the Land.
Sit and contemplate the Old One, relaxed and breathing normally.
The more you do this, the more it will affect you.

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