Reaching Gods And Goddesses In Trance

PaganGreen Paganism and Witchcraft

Modern Wiccans call into themselves the energies of the Goddess to amplify their own innate divine
spark and at times may work in a deep trance, uttering words of prophecy or profound teaching. This
is said to increase the power entering the body, like turning up the current from a power source. But
until you have practised magick for many years, I would advocate working only in light trance and
then only in the controlled situation of a very spiritual group. You can think of this as opening a
channel between your own higher energies and the Goddess or powers of light.
I said just now that the power of a trance can be compared to an electric current. The analogy can be
taken further: just as sending a sudden surge of electricity can cause a power failure, deliberately
inducing a deep trance can be dangerous. Those who use drugs to induce such experiences are, in my
opinion, playing with fire and may in fact be blocking their innate wisdom in return for an artificial
mind-bending experience.
Most people quite rightly shy away from the idea of possession by a force, however benign, preferring
to work with the energies indirectly – and this is what I believe is safest and most effective. For even if
you are working with an experienced group in healing magick and do want to allow power of light or
the Goddess to manifest in you directly, it is pretty heady stuff. So go cautiously, work only in the
most positive of minds for the good of all, and for trance work have other experienced witches or
mediums to guide you and help you to centre.
The gods themselves can offer protection when you are performing rituals. In formal magick, the
Guardians, or Devic Lords of the Watchtower, are invited to guard the four directions of a magical
circle. The term deva in Sanskrit means ‘shining one’, and the Devas represent the higher forms, akin
to angels, who watch and direct the natural world.
They communicate with people by psychic ‘chanelling’ and rule over the beings associated with the
four elements, Fire, Air, Water and Earth. In less formal practices, either archangels or pillars of light
may be visualised in the corners of the room to offer protection at a time when a person is opening
then-psyche to the cosmos, to keep out all negativity, earthly or otherwise. But the greatest protection
is a pure heart and pure intent, much harder to attain than learning any complex ritual.