Samhain, or Hallows

At Samhain the cauldron is overturned as the womb becomes the tomb, and the Sacred King enters the mound
and passes beyond the Veil as Dark Time fall upon us. This Mystery of Death and what lies beyond is worked
alongside the more public Mystery of the Wild Hunt, where Gwyn ap Nudd gathers the souls of those who have
died during the year and takes them into the Mound to enter Cerridwen’s Cauldron of Rebirth. From this rite
until the Rite of Imbolc, no male deity is called on. The Crone, having assisted the Lord into the Mound and
keened at His passing, becomes the Queen.
Our rite includes separating the Sacred King from the one carrying it, so he can enter the Mound as our divine
messenger to the Gods, while the person who carried him is released so that they don’t follow him across that
threshold, never to return. From this point on, the title of Sacred King is symbolic only for the person who
carried it. In recent years we have passed the mantle of Sacred King to a giant poppet filled with straw, which is
wrapped in the altar cloth and cremated at the end of the rite.

Categories:   Paganism and Witchcraft


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