The Black Goddess, or Dark Mother

PaganGreen Paganism and Witchcraft

It is said that the Dark Mother exists outside the Wheel of Manifestation. In the Great Stone Circle of existence,
she is the heelstone that stands beyond, to the North East. She is the fixed point to which we apply the lever of
our will in order to move the Universe and bring about Change. Some would say that she is embodied by such
as Cerridwen or the Mill Wife, and there is certainly value in exploring that, but it is wise not to let that become
an assumed truth, because there is far more to this enigmatic Lady than that.
Encountering the Black Goddess is an essential part of your Path if you wish to master the Cunning Arts rather
than just be a journeyman, but it is not an easy or enjoyable experience in most cases. Nothing can prepare you
for the way She turns your life upside down, but by the same token, there is no substitute for the total
transformation She brings about.