The Cunning Art 1.2

PaganGreen Paganism and Witchcraft

As an esoteric path, the Cunning Art is a journey of self discovery. Although much is taught through the use of
myth and Lore, the emphasis is on personal experience. We examine the old stories, or myths, and extract Lore
from them, from which we construct exercises and rituals in order to experience the core of the myth and the
Lore. We firmly believe in the process of leading students to discover key wisdom for themselves, so that they
can own the knowledge and not have to take it on faith. This is perhaps the most significant factor of this path,
and it can be very frustrating for the students — we often answer a question with another question, and we talk
in riddles, poems, and will push our students to come up with the answers to their own questions. This process
requires students to be able to make critical analysis and to think for themselves, and this has become much
harder since schools and universities have abandoned this way of learning