The Cunning Art 1.3

Another key feature of the Cunning Art is the emphasis that is placed on working with Ancestors, which is a
good indication of the shamanic nature of the path. Modern practice is concerned with enfleshing Lore passed
down from our ancestors, and recovering Lore that has been lost, using practices that are collectively known as
“tapping the bone”. In the context of this art, the term Ancestor refers to both our genetic and spiritual forebears,
and because we believe time to be non-linear, we refer to “ancestor long gone, and ancestors yet to be”. When
we talk about the Ancestors, we often use the term “River of Blood” in the sense of a bloodline, and also the
“Bone Ladder”. These are in other Traditions sometimes referred to as the Red Thread, the Ancestral lineage
that defines a Tradition. Being somewhat anarchic as Cunning Folk should be, we prefer to think of lineage as
something that is only relevant — if at all — within a particular group. For us the emphasis is on the individual
forging their own link with the Ancestors, so they do not have to rely on a hierarchy or lineage to validate them.

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