The Cycle of Ced and Celi 1.2

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Ced and Celi

According to Owen Morgan, the author of Light of Britannia, Ced is the primal Black Mother who exists before manifestation. She/Her womb is the Great Enclosure. Her consort is Celi, the Unmanifest Sun, All Father to her All Mother.

The Gods

Their son is Hu Gadarn, also known as Hesu the Mighty, who is born at the Winter Solstice, and follows the circuit of the Sun as Solar Deity until Spring Equinox. At this point, he becomes, through a state akin to puberty, Alawn (Father Hermes). At Midsummer he becomes Plenydd (Sun Longest Day), and at the Autumn Equinox, he becomes Gwron (Hero).

Hu Gadarn

Hu the Mighty was the leader of the Cymry, and was reputed to have led them to Ynys Prodain (Britain) from Deffrobani (The Summer Realms). During a great flood, caused by the giant beaver Afanc, he enticed the beast from Itys Lake with the aid of a young girl, and while it slept with its head on her lap, he bound it with iron chains. The chains were attached to Hu’s oxen, who were strong enough to drag the Afanc through the mountains, ploughing a pass through the mountains and imprisoning the Afanc in the lake LynnFfynnon Las.

Alawn, Plennydd and Gwron

The three primitive Bards, the disciples of Tydain Tad Awen by whom Druidism was founded. A Druidic movement being started would be presided over in turn by a Plenydd or light-bringer, a Gwron or stabilizer, and an Alawn or harmonizer, and so on in succession. According to Owen Morgan, the Earth is the Ox-Pen of the Bards, and these are the three great bulls which form the Triad of the Sun, or the Head of the Dragon.

The Goddesses

Hu’s consort is Calen (the Earth), and she matches his transformations, becoming Morwyn (Holy Maid of Sea Foam), who is also Venus. At Midsummer she becomes Blodwen (Holy Flora), and at Autumn Equinox Tynghedwen (Holy Fortune) or Tynghedwen-Dyrraith (Fecundity/Barrenness). These latter three comprise.


Calen is Mother Earth (a manifestation of Ced, the Enclosure). Morwyn, Blodwen and TynghedwenAccording to Owen Morgan, these three are the three great cows which form the Triad of the Earth, or the Dragon’s Tail.



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