The Moon

The moon, like the sun, rises in the East and sets in the
West. Unlike the sun, the appearance of its size and shape
continually change, at least from our earth-bound perspective. In a lunar month there are four cycles of approximately seven days. The phases the moon goes through include the
dark of the moon (also called the new moon). It waxes (grows
larger) until the first quarter is visible as the half moon. When
the moon continues to wax, its horns point to the East until
it reaches a full circle, known as the full moon. It will then
begin to diminish in size as it wanes through the last quarter,
with the horns pointing West, and continues to wane until
the new moon returns.

It is wise to time your magickal rites to coincide with the
proper phase of the moon. By doing this you take advantage
of lunar power, stay in sympathy with the natural pull of the
universe, and combine your energy with nature’s. The more
circumstances you can bring into alignment when doing
magick, the better the results will be.
Use the waxing moon to begin new projects, build friendships, rekindle a romance, and create new business opportunities. During the full moon, nurture and reaffirm
intentions, focus energy on projects set in motion during
the new moon, and work to create success and abundance.
During the dark or waning moon, take time to reflect on
goals and ambitions. Use this time to break undesirable
habits and patterns and to undo negative influences coming from others.