The Wand

PaganGreen Paganism and Witchcraft

The wand is a symbol of Fire and should be placed in the South of the altar.
The wand is sometimes represented by a spear. Both the wand and spear, like the athame and sword,
are male symbols. The spear, another Fire symbol, is not used in magick, except occasionally in the
form of a sharpened stick in sacred sex rites, when it is plunged into the cauldron or the chalice as a
symbol of

the sacred union of Earth and Sky, Water and Fire.
The wand is traditionally a thin piece of wood about 50 centimetres (21 inches) long, preferably cut
from a living tree (some conservationists disagree unless the tree is being pruned). After a strong wind
or in a forest where trees are being constantly felled, it is often possible to find a suitable branch from
which the wand can be cut. It should be narrowed to a point at one end and rubbed smooth.
You can make a series of wands from different woods for your ceremonies.
Ash is a magical wood, associated with healing and positive energies.
Elder wands are symbols of faerie magick and so are good for any visualisation work.
Hazel comes from the tree of wisdom and justice and is linked with the magick of the Sun. The wand
should be cut from a tree that has not yet borne fruit.
Rowan is a protective wood and so is good for defensive and banishing magick.
Willow is the tree of intuition and is said to be endowed with the blessing of the Moon.
You can also use a long, clear quartz crystal, pointed at one end and rounded at the other, as a wand. In
its crystalline form, especially, the wand is used for directing healing energies from the circle to
wherever they are needed.
The wand is used for directing energies and for making circles of power in the air – hence the image of
the faerie godmother waving her wand – deosil for energies to attract energies and widdershins for
banishing. It can be used to draw pentagrams in the air at the four quarters and it can also be used for
drawing an invisible circle when you are working on carpet or another fabric that cannot be physically
In some traditions, the wand is a tool of Air and so this and the athame, or the sword, are fairly
interchangeable. However, the wand seems more effective for casting and uncasting circles, invoking
quarters and closing power. It is also particularly good for directing energies in rites of love, healing,
fertility, prosperity and abundance.


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