Through the Gate of the Sea

Make sure you are sitting comfortably, with your eyes closed, and relax your body. Start
with your left leg, tighten the muscles and then relax them. Then the right leg — tighten the
muscles there, relax them, and let them go completely. Then your abdomen and stomach
tighten the muscles up and then release them, let them go completely.
Now your chest and breathing muscles tighten them up and then relax them. Your back,
shoulder, and neck muscles, tighten them up as tight as they’ll go and as you release them
feel the tension of the day just draining away. It’s a wonderful feeling. Now your head and
face muscles tighten them up as tight as they’ll go. Tighten them up as tight as they’ll go
and then relax them. Lastly, do the muscles of your arms. Tighten them up as tight as
they’ll go and then relax them, from the shoulders down to the finger tips.
Now become aware of the black nothingness around you. Feel yourself floating, and then
moving forward, lifting, drifting away. As you feel yourself floating away, the blackness
fades to grey, becoming like a foggy mist as you begin to descend.
Your feet make contact with a surface, and you find yourself sitting in a small round boat
— a coracle — which is floating through the mist on a river. It gently moves towards a
bank, and comes to a halt, and you climb out and onto the riverbank.
The riverbank is forested, but where you climbed out of the coracle there is a pathway
leading into the forest, and you follow it. The path is narrow, and twists and turns through
the trees as it takes you deep into the heart of the forest until you find yourself at the door of
a small cottage in a clearing.
The door opens before you can knock, and you enter, noting the large hearth, with a great
cauldron set over it, steaming gently. Sitting in a chair beside the hearth is an old lady,
wrapped in a shawl, tending to her hearth. Although you get the impression of great age,
she is most certainly not frail or helpless, for this is Cerridwen, tending her mighty
(pause for conversation with Cerridwen)
The time comes for you to continue along the path, and so you take your leave of her, and
return to the forest outside.

You set off on the path that leads on from the clearing, a wider, straighter path that keeps
the sky visible above. Before you know it, you find yourself approaching a quayside, down
by the river. A coracle much larger than yours is docked there, upon which sits a majestic
figure, surrounded by a pack of hounds. You step on board, and introduce yourself to
Gwynn ap Nudd…
(pause for conversation with Gwynn ap Nudd)
This time your coracle is moored right next to Gwynn ap Nudd’s larger one. Carefully, you
climb into it once more, and no sooner are you seated than it begins to move away from the
bank, taking you into the mist, which gets thicker and thicker, until all you can see is the
coracle. Soon the mist closes in completely, leaving you in a featureless grey expanse as
you feel yourself floating up and back.
The grey mist fades to black, and you feel yourself returning to the place you started from,
sitting with your eyes closed. Sit up and open your eyes. The journey is over.

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