The western Airt is the Gate of the Sea. This is the threshold place of disk, when the veil is thin between the
realms and seers see, and Crafters craft. To stand at the crossroads, or with one foot on land and the other in the
ocean, both under a grey sky, is to stand where magick is truly worked.
The deities who guard this gate are water Gods, though not necessarily Gods of the Sea. River, lake and weather
deities can guard this place as well, so you may find Manannan, Welsh God of the Sea, or his more elusive
cousin, Nudd, associated with water wherever it is found.
Goddesses too, may be associated with water through their tales, rather than being specific sea deities.
Cerridwen, keeper of the Cauldron of Rebirth, and strongly associated with Lake Bala in Wales (formerly Llyn
Tegid Foel, named for Her consort, Tegid), fits the bill quite nicely.

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