Witchcraft Within Covens

PaganGreen Paganism and Witchcraft

A coven is a group of members of a unit of witchcraft and, in fact, can number anything from two to
13, or even more. The number 13 is traditionally designated by the 13 moon cycles that make up one
year, and 13 is the number of the Goddess (hence it became unlucky under Christian influence).
Gardenerian covens generally number 13. Some covens are affiliated formally or informally to
specific traditions, but they increasingly unite for organisational as well as legal and political strength,
particularly in Australia and parts of the USA. On-line covens are also springing up and they are an
excellent way for solitary practitioners to gain support and information. Reliable, bona fide covens
will offer the same safeguards as any ordinary coven , but of course the normal
restraints you should show on contacting any Internet site will apply.
The beginning of the path to learning about Wicca within a formal coven is usually marked by a
dedication. Initiation, after a year and a day, or a similar recognised magical period, will confer formal
entry. Further different levels of knowledge and responsibility may also be involved, for example
elevation to a second or third degree, so that eventually initiates can begin their own covens if they