At the point of Midwinter, the Queen of Fate gives birth to the Horned Lord — in Wraith form — from the
cauldron. Although reborn, the Hero is not yet made manifest. For that He must wait for Imbolc.
As you can see, there are definite links to the agricultural cycle practiced by the various Folk religions revived
under the umbrella of neo-Paganism, but these underlying Mysteries are in fact all part of one Greater Mystery
known as the Path of the Fool, or the Hero or sacred King. It is a cycle that profoundly affects each and every
person working the Tradition, and is one of the key things that draws people to this path. There are other sabbats
that we work as well as these, but that can wait for later — I’m a firm believer in taking things in bite-sized
With the birth of the Wraith Lord, the one who carried Sacred King for the year is released, which considering
the events of the year, turned out to be a bittersweet moment for me. A great weight was lifted from me, while at
the same time I knew I had been transformed in ways that would continue to take me by surprise for years to

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